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Trade on multiple cryptocurrency markets with the whole range of pro tools: from market analysis to measuring trading performance.
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Available for macOS and Windows.

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Set Up a Trading Desk of Your Own

Tailor workspace layouts to your individual trading workflow and goals for an efficient trading experience. Default templates are also available for newbies.


Measure Your Real Trading Performance

Evaluate your asset positions in realtime to gain better understanding of the results each of your trades yields.


Find More Reliable Trading Ideas

Perform multiple time frame analysis easily inside our market scanner. Minimize risks and improve the odds of success by simply taking the bigger picture into account.


Meet Performance-Based Trading

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Perform better than market

Time invested in making trading decisions has to pay off as well. Assess what results your trades bring as compared to a benchmark index and make wiser trading decisions in the future.

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Be more disciplined in managing your risks

No lack of tools means no excuses. Keep track of your market exposure by asset and trading venue in realtime to improve the execution of your risk management strategy.


Made For Traders by Traders

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Advanced Charts

Simple yet sophisticated charting instruments with fast navigation and response. Broad range of indicators, chart types and drawing tools are also available.

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Above & Beyond Secure

Our top-notch technology architecture offers you enterprise level security right on your desktop. Your API keys are stored on your device only and your funds are completely inaccessible to us.

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Fastest Speed On The Market

Kattana is a desktop-based application, beating its competition with faster execution speed and stronger reliability. You’ll never have a problem with frozen browser, stuck charts or order book.

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Professional Team

Kattana has been launched by former equity and crypto-traders in one of the most successful prop-trading firms in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to help our users improve their trading performance in the long-run.


Quick Answers to Common Questions

  • What exchanges does Kattana support by now?

    Currently, we support trading on 3 exchanges: Bittrex, HitBTC and Binance. We work hard to connect the most popular and reliable exchanges to Kattana and and new exchange connections will be added with the following product updates.

    Please, feel free to share your favorite exchanges that you’d like to trade on through Kattana by reaching out to us at:

  • What is required for me to start trading through Kattana?

    You must have an account on the cryptocurrency exchange supported by Kattana with the sufficient amount of funds available there. In addition, you need to generate API keys with the necessary scope of permissions.

  • What API key permissions do I have to grant to start trading through Kattana?

    The interface for generating API keys as well as choosing key permissions varies by exchange.

    For sake of security, when generating API keys for Kattana — do not grant withdrawal permissions. As a rule, this is never enabled by default, but please make sure you do not grant it by mistake. Kattana needs permissions to do the following:

    • query your funds, orders, and trades;
    • open and cancel buy/sell orders.

    Remember that by allowing any other permissions on your key than needed you put yourself at more risk than needed.

  • How do you ensure that my API keys are secure?

    All API keys are encrypted and stored on your device only. We do not have access to even a part of your key and do not store it on our servers. You can permanently revoke exchange connection from Kattana at any time by just deleting your key in the profile section.

  • What if I get an ‘invalid key’ error in Kattana?

    If Kattana determines a key to have an error, please do the following:

    • Make sure your key has not been deleted or expired.
      To resolve: Replace the key with a newly generated one;
    • Check whether your API key has all proper permissions needed for trading.
      To resolve: Replace the key with a newly generated one, with the permissions required.
      See Question #3.

    If the aforementioned actions do no resolve the issue, please reach out to us at:

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