Holistic Trading Experience

Trade crypto on multiple exchanges with a complete range of trading tools. Technical analysis, portfolio management, and even trading strategy automation — all available in one place.


Available for macOS and Windows.

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One Crypto-Trading Platform to Rule Them All

Focus on what brings profit when all trading tools you need live in one place.

  • Top-rate charting and TA instruments to stay on the edge of the market;
  • Trading functionality you won’t find on crypto-exchanges;
  • Portfolio management and aggregated news sources to keep tabs on your crypto assets and the market.
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Automate Your Crypto-Trading Strategies

Manual trade management is annoying. Smart order types will cut losses and fix profits automatically while you sleep.

  • Stop-Loss and Take Profit order types that exchanges don’t offer;
  • Works with 10+ exchanges and all available trading pairs;
  • Fastest execution of your trades available on the market, thanks to Fund3 — our technology partner.

Security Above & Beyond

Your exchange deposits are safe and sound as your API keys are stored on your device only.

We send them to our servers via an encrypted channel only for the duration of the trading session.

Once your trade has been executed, we revoke them immediately from our servers.

From Traders Like You

Kattana, with its instruments, gives you an edge over the market, so you can make better trading decisions that generate α — alpha for you or your investors.

Dimitri Chupryna Trader & Fund Manager

I’ve been dreaming about this!

Victor Basyul Hobbyist crypto-trader

Kattana has a huge potential in the trading market

Jameson Lopp Bitcoin Veteran